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Patient testimonial video 1

My experience with Downtown Dental was amazing. My smile looks amazing, and I would definitely recommend this to family and friends.

Patient testimonial video 2

Dr. Tony Lu: Hey Megan, okay, thank you so much for sharing your experience with our potential and current Invisalign patients. So, we have finished Megan’s treatment and her Invisalign treatment went very well and very smoothly. She would like to share with you guys her own experience. (Patient: Definitely, yeah, sure.)

So, was it comfortable when you were wearing the aligners, you know, during the treatment? 

Megan: Yeah, so I had my aligners in for 14 weeks and I think the first couple of weeks it was a little uncomfortable. You get used to it pretty quickly though and for the majority of the time you hardly notice that they were in.

Dr. Lu: Did anyone notice, did your co-workers around you comment or anything? 

Megan: They certainly didn’t mention anything. My good friends knew that I was having it done, so I guess they knew, but they certainly didn’t notice, it took them a long time to recognize when it happened they actually didn’t, not until a couple of weeks after I started, did they say, “Oh, did you start that already?”

Dr. Lu: That’s really good, okay. So, I guess the most important question is ‘Are you happy with your new smile’? 

Megan: Definitely, definitely happy with my new smile. I have always had a pretty big smile but this makes it a little bit easier to do so.

Dr. Lu: Everything went so well, as planned for the Invisalign and the teeth moved as planned. Other than that, what else do you want to say to our patients? 

Megan: Sure, there’s a confidence that comes with a smile and teeth that you are comfortable with, and you are proud of. I think it makes you more willing to talk to people to be more outgoing perhaps, and certainly more smiley, so I think you know, I’m really happy with how everything went, yeah. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s awesome. We’re really happy for you, you know, that your treatment went so well, and we’ll make the retainers for you, we’ll keep your smile forever.

Megan: Perfect, thank you.

Dr. Lu: Okay, thank you so much.

Patient testimonial video 3

Dr. Tony Lu: Hey guys, this is Dr. Tony Lu. I’m happy to have Megan here today. Megan just recently finished her Invisalign treatment in our office (Megan: Right) and we really appreciate that Megan takes the time with us today to share with you guys her experience (Megan: Right, yeah happy to do it). Okay, thank you very much. So, we just want you to talk about your experience when getting your Invisalign treatment. So, was that comfortable when you were wearing the Invisalign trays? 

Megan: Yes, after a while, I sort of forgot I was wearing them. (Dr. Lu: Okay) At the beginning, you   do feel a little discomfort. It wasn’t anything that was out of control. Certainly, the longer I wore it, the more it became just natural. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, did people notice that you were wearing the trays? 

Megan: They certainly didn’t mention anything. I think there are a couple of friends that knew that I was getting it done that didn’t actually recognize it until I pointed it out. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s very good. I guess the most important question is, do you like your new smile now? 

Megan: Yeah, of course, of course. I’ve always been sort of a smiley person, it’s just nice to feel a little more confident in speaking with people, and laughing, and joking around. And yeah, it certainly is a confidence-boost, I think. 

Dr. Lu: That’s great. I’m glad that it meets your expectation. So, do you want to talk about anything else or want to share with our patients? 

Megan: I think it’s an important thing, I didn’t recognize how important it was to me, but it is, as I was going through it now I have finished it, it became just a big deal and at least for me. I don’t know how big a deal it is for other people necessarily, but it really helped me, I think.

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s great. So that has given you a great smile and a boost to your confidence and I’m glad that the treatment went so well. Thank you so much.

Megan: Of course, no, Thank you.

Dr. Lu: Great.

Patient testimonial video 4

Dr. Tony Lu: Hi guys, this is Dr. Tony Lu and I have Eun Jin (name not clear) here. She recently finished her Invisalign treatment in our office, and she’s so nice to share with us some of her experiences today. (Patient: Sure, thank you) Okay, so, Eun Jin, how do you like the whole procedure, you know, of the Invisalign treatment for your teeth? 

Patient: I really liked the whole procedure because it only takes six months and I have all my teeth straightened so I can smile freely in front of a camera.

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s very good because, you know, your progress is really good, you know, all the time okay, and we really like the final results, okay. So, do you want to share with us some of your experience when you do the Invisalign treatment? Is it easy to do? 

Patient: I think it’s easy to do because you just need to put on your tray and just take it off when you have your breakfast, dinner, or lunch, and it’s very convenient to take it in and take it out, and also for me it’s just almost invisible, so my colleagues won’t see that I’m doing any adjustment for my teeth so it’s very convenient for someone who works, especially in the banking industry.

Dr. Lu: That’s very good, that’s very good. And you say that you tried to lose some weight, or something like that?

Patient: Yes, because when you wear your trays, you don’t really want to eat the snacks because you need to take it off. So I just avoided eating snacks during the daytime to help me to lose some weight. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s really good. So, how do you like your new smile? 

Patient: I really like it because previously, my front tooth was not very aligned. So, for now, they are very straightened. So, I can just smile in front of the camera without any worry.

Dr. Lu: Wow, that’s really good to know, you know. I think the key thing is Eun Jin was able to keep her trays in her mouth and wear the trays for 22 hours per day. So then we see very good progress and very good results. Okay, thank you so much Eun Jin for sharing with us your experience. We really appreciate that. 

Patient: Sure, thank you

Dr. Lu: Okay. 

Patient testimonial video 5

Krissy: Hi guys, I’m Krissy from Downtown Dental and I have a patient with us who just currently finished Invisalign treatment and I’m here just to ask him a few quick questions on how his overall treatment went. So, how was your overall treatment? 

Patient: Went by pretty quick, actually: Pretty quick, pretty smooth. I didn’t have it—I had a mild case and now it’s mostly straight for my purposes. 

Krissy: That’s good, that’s good. Did any of your co-workers or friends notice that you had the clear retainers in?

Patient: No, I had to kind of tell them.

Krissy: Did you?

Patient: Yes, yeah, because no one’s really going to look here and you know it does sort of blend into your teeth, for instance, it’s all the same color as the teeth. So, unless you tell them, they generally won’t know. Well, if they see you taking it out but you know that’s on you.

Krissy: That’s good. So, did you encounter any tricks or tips that you want to share with anybody in the future who will want to start wearing Invisalign? 

Patient: I guess in case your teeth tend to be stubborn like mine, mine moved back fast, you have to learn to keep them in more often. Let’s see, if you got a bad case, you might want to have some Advil, but you could maybe have some discomfort, that’s about the only thing. You will also may notice some weight loss, because you know you don’t want to take them out to snack, you want to keep them for as long as possible. The longer you go without taking them out, the better. So, you may notice some weight loss because you’re snacking less and that’s a positive side effect, I would say.

Krissy: So, how did you enjoy your treatment with us?

Patient: Yeah, I enjoyed it. I made quick progress and I you know, really took it seriously. 

Krissy: That’s awesome. I’m glad you enjoyed your smile and can keep using it more, so that’s awesome, and it was a pleasure helping you get your smile. I don’t know, hahaha, maybe we should cut it out.

Background voice: Thank you very much for sharing with us, bye!

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