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Emergency dentistry in Cleveland, OH for care that immediately relieves pain, supports long-term health

Dental emergencies can mean a lot of different things. Regardless of the nature of your emergency, we urge you to call us immediately at (216) 616-1155. As your experts in oral anatomy and dentistry treatments, Downtown Dental Services is equipped to ease pain and resolve a range of conditions quickly and in a way that supports the long-term health and beauty of your smile. Furthermore, Dr. Tony Lu accommodates same-day emergency appointments for any patients in and around downtown Cleveland, OH. You should never have to wait for urgent dental care, especially when moments often matter to preserve your natural teeth.

Toothache relief

There are many sources of aching teeth. Often, painful teeth do not arise overnight. As tooth decay and gum disease work their way through oral tissues, pain can become unbearable. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to “catch” these conditions earlier into the disease process, before they produce considerable pain that interferes with your work, school, sleep, ability to eat, and quality of life in general. There is peace of mind, knowing that a calm, skilled, and non-judgmental team is nearby to immediately provide pain relief and get you back on the road to great oral health.

In some cases, the source of your aching tooth may be due to a fracture or a worn dental restoration. Cracks in fillings and crowns, for instance, can allow for harmful bacteria to enter. From there, bacteria wreak havoc on the innermost, tissues of the tooth. Depending on your needs, we may be able to repair the restoration or hold the fractured tooth together with the likes of a crown. Root canal therapy may “save” a tooth with deep decay at its center (pulp tissue). A mature tooth does not require the pulp to remain healthy, and root canal therapy is much easier and gentler than you may think!

Toothy trauma

Of course, not all damage to our teeth, gums, and oral structures can be controlled or prevented. If a portion of the tooth breaks off as the result of a sports injury, fall, or other trauma, we may be able to restore it with fillings, bonding, veneers, crowns, or root canal treatment. It really depends on the extent and location of the chip or fracture. A knocked-out or avulsed tooth may even be saved if the tooth’s root surface remains intact. It is also vital to get to your dentist immediately. That way, we can go to work to “re-root” the tooth. Additionally, we can help to minimize the risk of sports-related dental injuries with preventives services, such as custom mouthguards.

And, yes, some oral conditions are life-threatening. If you are experiencing a high fever, or problems with breathing or swallowing, call 911 or visit your nearest emergency room. These are symptoms of systemic infections. Remember: oral infections do not always “stay put.” They can travel to other parts of your body.

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