Restore your most attractive, healthy teeth with modern denture options


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Restore your most attractive, healthy teeth with modern denture options

At Downtown Dental Services, we empathize with the many patients from across Cleveland, Ohio, struggling with gaps in their smiles due to tooth loss. If you are holding on to painful, failing teeth or are struggling with conventional dentures, contact our office. We can discuss the many options available to get you smiling proudly, speaking confidently, and eating comfortably again. 

Sink your teeth into modern dentures!

Modern dentures resolve many of the common concerns with traditional, removable forms of tooth replacement. Conventional dentures are held in place by natural suction and adhesives. As the denture is not stabilized to underlying tissues and structures in the jawbone, the bony tissue tends to retreat or resorb, altering the shape and structure of the face and, in turn, the fit of the denture. This demands routine adjustments to regain a good fit that prevents embarrassing slippage and resulting sores and irritation. 

The options provided by our dentist, Dr. Tony Lu, include dentures supported by dental implants. The implant is a cylindrical-shaped post designed to function like a tooth root. No other form of tooth replacement accounts for and includes the addition of an artificial root. 

The implant is positioned in the jawbone and naturally joins with it because it is made from a biocompatible material. It then effectively becomes a part of the jaw. So, once connected to the replacement tooth, the implant holds it in place like a natural root! A minimal number of implants – as few as four – may be applied to support a maximal number of prosthetic teeth in a denture.

Many benefits stem from this revolutionary design, including: 

  • Optimal stability 
  • Dentures will not move, shift, or fall out
  • They preserve the quality and density of the jawbone
  • Restore healthy chewing function and taste (so you truly enjoy foods again)
  • Provide a long-term solution for tooth loss due to their durability
  • Costs are contained for patients who are missing many or all of their teeth due to the design of All-on-Four implants for full-mouth reconstruction
  • And so much more

We may even be able to “retrofit” your existing dentures with implants. That way, your denture will fit better. 

Call (216) 616-1155 without delay to schedule your consultation with Dr. Lu. Your natural-looking, healthiest-functioning smile awaits at Downtown Dental Services of Cleveland, OH.

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