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Invisalign® treatment in Cleveland, OH: Straighten teeth, effectively and comfortably, without braces

Modern orthodontics takes the “best” of traditional systems and eliminates the “worst” things about braces. Hybrid treatment, such as Invisalign®, is precise and effective, and comfortable and discreet. Downtown Dental Services patients are often pleasantly surprised by how easy it is for Dr. Tony Lu to correct crooked, crowded teeth at Downtown Dental Services in Cleveland, OH.

Patient testimonial video

Dr. Tony Lu: Hey guys, this is Dr. Tony Lu. I’m happy to have Megan here today. Megan just recently finished her Invisalign treatment in our office (Megan: Right) and we really appreciate that Megan takes the time with us today to share with you guys her experience (Megan: Right, yeah happy to do it). Okay, thank you very much. So, we just want you to talk about your experience when getting your Invisalign treatment. So, was that comfortable when you were wearing the Invisalign trays? 

Megan: Yes, after a while, I sort of forgot I was wearing them. (Dr. Lu: Okay) At the beginning, you   do feel a little discomfort. It wasn’t anything that was out of control. Certainly, the longer I wore it, the more it became just natural. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, did people notice that you were wearing the trays? 

Megan: They certainly didn’t mention anything. I think there are a couple of friends that knew that I was getting it done that didn’t actually recognize it until I pointed it out. 

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s very good. I guess the most important question is, do you like your new smile now? 

Megan: Yeah, of course, of course. I’ve always been sort of a smiley person, it’s just nice to feel a little more confident in speaking with people, and laughing, and joking around. And yeah, it certainly is a confidence-boost, I think. 

Dr. Lu: That’s great. I’m glad that it meets your expectation. So, do you want to talk about anything else or want to share with our patients? 

Megan: I think it’s an important thing, I didn’t recognize how important it was to me, but it is, as I was going through it now I have finished it, it became just a big deal and at least for me. I don’t know how big a deal it is for other people necessarily, but it really helped me, I think.

Dr. Lu: Okay, that’s great. So that has given you a great smile and a boost to your confidence and I’m glad that the treatment went so well. Thank you so much.

Megan: Of course, no, Thank you.

Dr. Lu: Great.

Invisalign®: the “magic” is in the aligners

Conventional braces use silver-colored, stainless-steel wires and brackets to gradually reposition teeth. The wires and brackets place consistent pressure on the teeth, which facilitates movement. These components can only be adjusted or removed by your orthodontist. There is often an adjustment period, as patients figure out how to effectively clean around the wires and brackets, or how to eat comfortably and efficiently with braces.

Invisalign® uses a series of removable oral appliances to incrementally reposition teeth. These appliances, or aligner trays, can be taken out to effectively clean the teeth and gums, and when eating meals or snacks. They are made from a transparent, smooth plastic. So, when you smile, no one notices that you are wearing them! Also, there are no wires or brackets to get used to, which makes them a comfortable option. Aligners are also easy to care for with warm (not hot) water and nonabrasive cleansing products to prevent warping, staining, and bacterial overgrowth.

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Steps to a healthier, better-looking smile

The process starts with your free consultation at our downtown office. Dr. Lu uses advanced digital scanning and software to create a 3-dimensional model of your mouth. We will pull this simulation of your teeth up on a monitor and point out exactly how your teeth will be aligned with Invisalign®.

For more than 20 years, the system has been used to treat more than 9 million smiles worldwide. So, it can effectively reposition teeth with minor misalignment, as well as correct more severe bite problems. If you are an appropriate candidate, the 3-D model will be used to make your aligner trays. Wear the trays as directed by your dentist. Be sure to wear them in the correct order. Each tray corresponds with a different stage of treatment. Also, only take your aligners out when you eat, brush, and floss. Failure to comply with these instructions can delay the stunning results, which usually take about 6 to 12 months to be realized.We look forward to revamping your smile!

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