Your comfort and experience is our priority; how sedation dentistry helps

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Your comfort and experience is our priority; how sedation dentistry helps

Sedation dentistry is our priority at Downtown Dental Services. We understand that many patients from Cleveland, Northeast Ohio, and beyond have dental apprehension, anxiety, and fear. We also appreciate that many individuals may have more extensive or complex treatment needs. These and other situations call for a “helper” in the form of a relaxing medication, safely prescribed and administered by our dentist, Dr. Tony Lu.

Making dental visits fear-free, even enjoyable! 

Conscious or oral sedation is but one method to ease fears and help patients relax in the treatment chair. It is a versatile option because the type of medication and dosage can be tailored to each patient’s needs. This allows for deeper levels of sedation as needed. 

It is often referred to as “conscious” sedation because you remain just that – conscious throughout treatment! This approach does not put you “under,” though you may become so relaxed that you doze off and fall asleep. 

This approach is also hassle-free. Dr. Lu will prescribe a medication to be taken orally (by mouth). He will advise on when to take this pill. Depending on your needs and other factors considered before your appointment, Dr. Lu may have you take the pill about an hour before your visit. Or, you may be able to wait until you get to the office. Whatever the case may be, as the effects of this medicine take hold, your fears and anxieties melt away. Before you know it, your treatment will be done, and then it will be time for your friend or family member to take you home. 

You must arrange transportation because the medications that we use for sedation dentistry are associated with lingering drowsiness and other effects on motor skills and cognition. 

How can dental sedation help you?

Our team in Cleveland, Ohio, has helped so many patients overcome the fears that stand between them and the routine dental services they need to be their healthiest and for their smiles to look great. These capabilities also allow us to perform complex or multi-faceted treatments faster. They are also appropriate for patients with bad gag reflexes, intense sensitivity, or who are fidgety – among others. 

Call (216) 616-1155 with questions and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lu. We are always here to help!

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