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High-tech cavity detection and white fillings for a perfect, healthy smile in Cleveland, OH

We at Downtown Dental Services in Cleveland, OH know that “advanced dentistry” doesn’t have to mean “impersonal dentistry.” Dr. Tony Lu blends fundamental personalized care with the latest, safest technologies to retain or rebuild your smile. One of these, the iTero NIRI Imaging technology, is designed to fight a leading cause of tooth loss: tooth decay. This technology facilitates early cavity detection and conservative, cosmetic treatments such as white fillings.

The Importance of Early Detection

Many oral conditions are subtle or even “silent” (asymptomatic) in their earliest stages. For instance, as your tooth’s protective enamel covering is eroded, you may notice white discoloration or discomfort when drinking sweet or cold beverages. It is only as these eroded areas or cavities become larger that the pain or discoloration may become undeniable. Later-stage decay is associated with more invasive and extensive restorative treatments. Less natural tooth structure is preserved. Sometimes, the tooth cannot be restored. The progressive nature of tooth decay underscores the need for prompt attention.

During routine visits to our office, Dr. Lu uses iTero NIRI Imaging technology to comfortably, efficiently, non-invasively, and precisely identify damaged areas of the tooth. These areas cannot be seen with visual inspection and can be missed with conventional X-ray technologies that emit radiation. As Dr. Lu passes the wand-like iTero NIRI Imaging instrument over your teeth, a safe light is emitted. Decayed areas absorb the light and show up as dark spots. Your dentist can clearly identify that discoloration to pinpoint the location and extent of tooth decay. These images may be captured and reviewed with you on a monitor. Additionally, the powerful iTero NIRI Imaging technology can detect fractures and other injuries or threats to your good oral health.

Advanced Treatment

Depending on what Dr. Lu finds, he may recommend oral hygiene modifications to remineralize the teeth and reverse the effects of enamel erosion and early-stage decay. Cavities that are present may be treated with tooth-colored or “white” fillings. These fillings are prepared with a composite resin. When color-matched and shaped to your precise specifications and needs, the dental material looks, feels, and functions no differently than healthy, natural tooth structure. They are even appropriate for visible teeth in your “smile zone.” Additionally, white fillings are a conservative treatment option; much of the natural tooth is unaltered to preserve maximum healthy tooth material.

Schedule your check-up at Downtown Dental Services today. We also look forward to working with you to prevent the need for fillings and other treatments in the first place!

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