How Invisalign® treatment in Cleveland, Ohio, can help you

At Downtown Dental Services in Cleveland, Ohio, we offer Invisalign® to straighten teeth without braces. It is an invisible, accurate, comfortable, and successful method.

Invisalign® employs a series of removable oral appliances to gradually realign teeth. These aligner trays can be removed to clean the gums and teeth, and to eat. They are made of clear, smooth plastic. So no one sees that you're wearing them while you smile!

They are a pleasant alternative to braces as there are no wires or brackets. They are simple to maintain, requiring just warm (not hot) water and gentle cleaning agents to minimize warping, discoloration, and bacterial infestation.

Some benefits of Invisalign®

After your free consultation at Downtown Dental, Dr. Tony Lu creates a 3-D model of your mouth using modern digital scanning and software. The 3-D model will be used to create your aligner trays. Wear the trays as instructed. You can see remarkable results in around 6 to 12 months

The process

If you wish to successfully rearrange teeth that are mildly misaligned or address more severe bite issues, make an appointment with Downtown Dental Services in Cleveland, Ohio,now for your free Invisalign® smile exam